Why people prefer co-working space over the traditional office?

Coworking space in Chandigarh

Whether you are an entrepreneur, who is just starting to expand into a new business or an already established firm, idea of co-working office space makes high sense for you as well as your business. A recent study says, that changing your office boundaries depending upon the kind of work you are doing increases the productivity of your business. Most of the shared offices are situated in convenient areas that are close to other offices or transport hubs. Now a day, companies are preferring co-working space over traditional office due to following reasons:

1. Economical

A traditional office will require you to have your own space, designed as per your business requirements. This will lead to a huge cost, which start-ups might not be able to afford.  It will include infrastructure cost, security, maintenance charges, furniture, electricity and water bills, internet, and many others. Unlike the traditional office, in a co-working office space, all you need to do is just to bring your laptop.

2. Flexible Arrangements

Co-working places are flexible in terms of pricing and its services. While some offer open desk space and others offer separate cabins. Secondly, they have flexible plans. As per your business needs, you can go for hourly, daily, monthly, and annually.

3. Network Building

Co-working spaces mean having other successful entrepreneurs surrounded to you. It provides opportunities to connect with other business intellectuals, which render high scope for communicating with other professionals and enhancing your business by building your network.

4. Amenities

The major reason why entrepreneurs prefer co-working space over the traditional office is the availability of services like uninterrupted internet, housekeeping, cafeteria, admin support, security, meeting & conference room, etc. All these necessary amenities will require zero additional cost.

5. Security

Unlike the traditional office, you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of office amenities or who is opening the door, or coming at any odd timing. Feel secure while leaving your work overnight, all of that is done for you; you just need to worry about your business.

6. Convenience

Most shared office spaces are situated in busy areas near to other offices and transportation hubs. You may choose nearest to your clients and colleagues making it easier for them to schedule their meetings. While in traditional offices, entrepreneurs had to worry about the internet, coffee shops, and restaurants. In Coworking spaces, you will get high-speed internet, tea/ coffee machines, cafeteria, etc.

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